Moneybookers verification

First, Moneybookers has changed their name to Skrill, but to us, we still call Moneybookers as we are more familiar with that

When you create account, you have to verify your credit/debit card to raise your limitation
Now add your card then Moneybooker will charge you some money
You have to calculate the amount then put it in the windows bellow

But my statement is in VND so I have to do the calculation as bellow
To convert you have to know
Official exchange rate: this case I used Google to convert and it was success, donot know if Google rate is always righ
FX fee from your bank: this case was 2.5%

Calculation: 41,730.20 VND, including 2.5% -> original charge was 40,696.85 VND -> convert by Google -> 1.51 EURO

And it worked that day

If you could not calculate, you can call 18006869 or email to talk to live agent