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Wireless alerts

Get a text message notification
any time you swipe your card

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Smartphone apps

Manage your Mango account from your
iPhone anytime, anywhere

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YAP mobile payments

Send money with your mobile phone and check your balance with a text message

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Wireless alerts*

Manage your spending with peace of mind

Add another layer of security by receiving a text message notification anytime your Mango Card is swiped. With wireless alerts it’s easy to keep track of your budget by getting you your Mango Card balance after every purchase. Did  you give out your Mango Card to set up a recurring payment? Wireless alerts is a great way to know when and what comes out of your Mango Card. The best part is, we don’t charge customers for wireless alerts*.

*Your mobile carrier (not Mango) may charge a fee to receive text messages.

Smartphone apps

The easy way to manage your money anywhere you are

You can now manage your Mango account directly from your iPhone.

  • Check your account balance & your account history
  • View your Mango Virtual Card.
  • Send money to other Mango Cardholders instantly

Andorid App coming soon.

Click here to download the free Mango App from the Apple App Store



YAP mobile payments*

Mango lets you text money and check your balance with your mobile phone

YAP mobile payments is part of your Mango account and it makes it easy and convenient to securely transfer money to another Mango Cardholder by sending a simple text message. Need to split a bill? A family member is short on cash? With YAP you can send money with the push of a button.

YAP also allows you to check your Mango prepaid and Mango Savings balances with a text message. You can use any US mobile phone via SMS or download the Mango Money application from the Apple app store.

*Your mobile carrier (not Mango) may charge a fee to receive text messages.