How to earn money from your domain

Your domains are your real estate, earn money out of them PLEASE

Many people have a chance to own a good domain, however sometime you just keep it and pay for the fee every year. And if you own many domain, the fee become havier and havier until you decide to get rid of some.

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Now, if you have un-used domain, you can turn them in to money generator

1. Register an account from
2. List your domain and set your price if you want to sell them

listing domain

3. Park your domain name to sedo.
Login to your domain name server and change to those following nameserver
parking to Sedo

4. Sedo will distribute ads on your domain and share the revenue with you

earning money from your domain

5. That means you can earn money and have chance to keep your domain longer


6. This show proof that Sedo paid to my account

Sedo Payment


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