Create Paypal step by step

I will guide you to verify your Paypal account using Virtual Credit Card called Rev Visa Internet Card. 

- Step 1: Create your Paypal account at: by choosing Signup

- Step 2: Choose your country and purose

- Step 3:
 Enter your personal details:

Postal code for Ha Noi is: 10000

Use your virtual credit card number that you got from: 

Credit card numberExpiration date and CVV2(CSC) then choose Agree and Create Account:
Now you need to verity your Paypal accont, choose Go to my account:
- Step 4: You can see that your Visa card is not verified
- Step 5: To verify your account, login to your email box and check the email with subject Active your PayPal account 
then click Active My Account:

re-enter your  password to login your Paypal account

- Step 6: Choose and set your 2 security questions
choose Submit and Go to my account
- Step 7: Click Link and confirm my debit or credit card to verify your Visa card

Paypal will charge 1.95$ from your your Virtual Visa Card, just confirm this then you have to enter code  you got from 
your Virtual Credit Card statement

- Step 8: Login your Rêv account on choose the card use used to verify
and click Transactions history
you can see transaction with Description with PP 
after PP is the code you need to verify your Paypal account

- Step 9: Copy code and enter in  verify field in step 7 and choose Confirm card:

You have successful  verified your Paypal account you can see the Status is Verified 
and the balance is 1.95$ as you paid:
If you have further question, please contact 

Mobile:   +84 90 626 9986  

When your card is expired, it will be removed from PP and you need another card verify your account again