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What are Virtual Credit Cards? And how does Google process Virtual Credit Card Payments?

A virtual credit card is a one-time credit card number that’s valid for a limited time. Virtual credit cards commonly are used as an alternative credit cards when making online payments.

Google AdWords accepts virtual credit cards as a form of payment as long as it has the Visa or MasterCard logo. And we’ll charge the card for the amount that you specify.

Just like credit cards, your ads will start serving almost immediately after you enter valid virtual credit card information in your account. They’ll also continue running if you’re transitioning to another form of payment.

When processing your payment, Google will test a $1 debit from the pre-selected credit limit to make sure the card works. (You won’t actually be charged for this.) So when selecting your credit limit for this card, be sure to add $1 to whatever amount you want charged. For example, if you want to charge $300 to your card, select $301 as the limit for your virtual card.

Once your virtual card’s expiration date or credit limit is reached, be sure to generate another virtual card and enter the information in your account for future payments. Otherwise, you payment could be decline.

For all other payment declines, please contact your local banks

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