Bancore Mobile Remittance

Bancore targets the global market for remittance, using its own unique and patentpending mobile remittance platform in cooperation with global industry partners. Based on four years of successful operation of a voucher-based mobile payment platform in the Scandinavian countries (under the Getitcard brand) Bancore is now offering a unique mobile remittance solution.

Global ISO-based remittance vouchers on all handset and via all mobile operators

With a patent-pending and ISO-certified voucher solution, Bancore offers a scalable remittance platform, capable of handling crossoperator, cross-country and cross-currency transactions globally. The solution works via all mobile operators and is not dependent on particular banks, thereby providing instant global accessibility.

Reduce time to market by the Bancore “turn key” solutiuon

Bancore’s solution works on and between all mobile networks and handsets and, with the patent pending mobile registration model, all users will benefit from the unique features of the Bancore remittance solution, whether they are banked or unbanked.

Bancore’s remittance product is compatible with all operator networks, mobile handset technologies, and works in almost all markets. We offer our partners a speedy go-to-market platform and the potential to focus on the acute needs of financial infrastructure in developing countries.

Using Bancore mobile remittance soution will deliver a wide network of payment location to pay-out the money from your mobile phone, and a global network of exchange agents to deliver cash to the recipients.

  • The Bancore Mobile Remittance solution can be customized for:
  • Mobile operators
  • Financial institutions
  • Media industry
  • Public and Government institutions

Bancore also delivers a total turn-key solution as a white label solution.

Bancore platform functionality

Bancore remittance voucher solution and flow: Mobile Remittance